10 Things Not to Say on a ‘First’ Date GodChicks


10 Things Not to Say on a ‘First’ Date

10 Things Not to Say on a ‘First’ Date

1. “That reminds me of my ex-boyfriend…” (This is not the time to talk about your romantic history!)


2. “So, when do you see yourself settling down, getting married and having kids?” (Avoid conversations that lead him to believe you are already picking out the china!)


3. “I was just wondering… how much money do you make exactly?” (Too much info, way too soon.)


4. “Do you have any ibuprofen with you? I have horrible cramps!” (This is not your girlfriend you are talking to!)


5. “I was praying, and God told me you are THE ONE.” (That just sounds WEIRD.)


6. “Do I have something in my teeth?” (Remember, you are a lady. If you have questions about your appearance, that’s what the restroom mirror is for.)


7. “Let’s talk politics! What are your political views?” (The first date is not the place to debate.)


8. “It’s so great to finally get asked out on a date!” (And try to leave out any possible references to past Friday nights with Ben & Jerry and the latest romantic comedy.)


9. “Are you going to open that door for me, or do I have to do everything myself?” (No one likes a nag.)


10. “Have you ever thought about getting your eyebrows waxed?” (Keep all grooming and makeover urges to yourself.)

Holly Wagner

May 24th, 2014

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